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WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR NEXT DECORATING, DESIGN or RENOVATION PROJECT….LET US “Watch your Back!” Here in the backroom, learn insider tips, shortcuts  & strategies to find the RIGHT furniture and professionals. Learn simple formulas to use interior Design Wisely. No fluff here. You want to get to that more beautiful home you’re wishing for. We want to get you there AND to show you how to do it more easily & wisely: spending smarter, stressing less, gaining control & making smarter decisions. There’s so much that goes into furnishing, decorating or renovating even one room, let alone an entire house, condo or apartment. It gets overwhelming! You spend too much! You worry too much! You sleep too little! The mistakes are costly! Couples stress too much and then they fight too much! Have you ever wondered…

§  What will my total project cost?

§  Where should I be buying my furniture?

§  Should I work with a designer – or work solo?

§  How do I make sure I do my project right?

§  If I hire a designer, how do I hire my ideal designer and avoid the wrong one (the nightmare)?

§  What about builders and subcontractors?

Whether you’re a card-carrying “do-it-yourself” type or are looking to hire an interior designer, we have the experts and the insider info to give you a gloves-off view into the real deal. No sugar coating. Get the guidance and answers you really need on your next project to:

*Spend & Invest Smarter

*Stress Less

*Gain Control

*Be a Wise Design Consumer

*Use Design Strategically and Wisely to…

GET THE BEAUTIFUL HOME YOU’RE CRAVING! We’ve got the answers.  Scroll through our product selections & get the shortcuts, strategies and insider info you need!
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