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Online Interior Design Course | The Decorating Genius System Online Interior Design Course | The Decorating Genius System

Struggling with an interior design project? You’re not alone! Confusion, frustration, or results that just keep missing the mark is so common. It feels awful!

Here’s the good news: your problem isn’t that you lack the talent, the smarts, or the “it” factor. You have the smarts and the talent (there is no “it” factor)! But, you ARE missing one key element: interior design strategy.

Here’s the great news…

The Decorating Genius System, our flagship Interior Design Course,
is the answer.

DGS connects the dots between all of your pin-board pinning, and idea gathering, and the actual results you want, so you can create your most perfectly beautiful home. DGS is a simple-but-powerful A-Z system that clearly maps out where to start your decorating project and importantly, when and how to do each step so you can finally create those pin-board beautiful rooms in your home!

Here’s how it works: This comprehensive system is revealed to you in 7 concise and engaging videos with corresponding worksheets. PLUS you’ll gain access to our private Facebook page for DGS users only! That allows you to get support from our award-winning design team while connecting with an active community of design lovers!

I LOVE THE DGS VIDEOS! I love the support you give. I made a great decision getting Decorating Genius System. I really love the excitement and tone and CONTENT in the videos.

Kathy. G

The Decorating Genius System Contains 7 Videos + Worksheets

The videos and worksheets in our interior design course provide you with the powerful and proven strategies you need to easily complete your interior design project. Because we intentionally keep the info-packed videos to 30 minutes or less, you can binge watch the entire system in under 2.5 hours, or watch one video every day for one week. Fini! Your most perfectly beautiful home awaits!

7 Engaging & Concise Videos
(30 min or less)

  • "Furniture Street Smarts"
  • "Budgeting Street Smarts"
  • "Design Fingerprint"
  • "Color 101"
  • "Fabric"
  • "Space Planning"
  • "The 7 Simple Steps"

Plus These Powerful Bonus Resources

Donna Hoffman is AMAZING! I studied Interior Design 17 years ago and her knowledge and passion has renewed my love of design in a whole new practical way! I’m so grateful for Donna’s incredible talents and her desire to inspire and encourage SO MANY people on their own journey of making their home truly their home. Thank you so much Donna!

– Anne-Marie K.

 […] Listening to your design course was one of the best decisions I ever made! I immediately purchased the program, as it was so affordable for all the various pieces we were to receive. My husband has a real eye for design, so during our sheltering in place time, we watched the videos together and put together our design book. We printed all the handouts and our design fingerprint came together. It was an incredible aha moment that we could enjoy and appreciate the design styles, but now this particular fingerprint was ours! We could now go to a store and zero in on those pieces that fit our style. […]

– JoAnn A.

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What to Expect

4 Benefits to Owning the Decorating Genius System

Erase Decorating Stress
Gain access to the strategies and tools to finally get the beautiful results you’ve been chasing.

Stop Wasting Time & Money
Get the system that delivers results and stops the $$$ mistakes.

Beautiful Results You’ve Always Wanted
Put an end to ideas in your head that fall short.

Exclusive Facebook Access
DGS users receive exclusive membership to our private Facebook page.

This weekend, I ‘binged watched’ all the DGS videos. I’m so happy I made an investment in the system. I characterize myself as someone with no design sense but I really want to learn. Your wonderful, easy to follow suggestions have given me a confidence I never thought I’d have.

Carolyn M

I finally understand how to figure out my own style and stop asking my friends and family their opinions all the time!

Jen O

What a pleasure to obtain guidance, and I too, just want to say that your personal teaching style is both relaxing, reassuring, and so uplifting! We who struggle with design so appreciate your expert advice and wise counsel!

Kathy Y

I LOVE THE DGS VIDEOS!! I love the support you give. I made a great decision getting Decorating Genius System. I really love the excitement and tone and CONTENT in the videos.

Kathy G

I took all of Donna’s courses and attended her conference a few years ago, but now it’s time to revisit. Thank you for all you do, Donna!

Sally W

Money Back Guarantee | Interior Design ClassesThe Interior Design Advocate™ team is 100% confident that you will love our online interior design course. That’s why we offer a no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied. Just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a full refund using the Customer Service form.