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Interior Design Course | VIP Lounge - For Design Genius Graduates Only

For Motivated DGS-ers Who Want More

Congrats on completing The Design Genius System, our flagship interior design course! Take your bow! You may find now that you’re craving even MORE support as you work through your project. Do you ever wish you could just show Donna your design progress, so she can personally weigh in as you move to success?

The For-Members-Only Virtual VIP Lounge is for You!

Here’s how it works…

Inside this elegantly designed (virtual) lounge, we’ll meet one Monday night every month in an online group setting where you get the chance to…

  • Submit a question or photos with a question to enjoy Donna’s interior design input without having to pay the substantial fees her private clients do.
  • Ask questions you can’t possibly get Google to answer for you, so you can make design and decorating decisions with 100% confidence.
  • Join the conversation LIVE or watch and listen to the recorded virtual meet ups later at your convenience! You can rewind or pause when you want to and take notes easily and quickly.
  • Raise your hand live to speak to Donna during one of the monthly VIP virtual meet ups (If you’re shy…you can also type in questions live).
  • Virtual meet ups are recorded and can last up to 60-90 minutes depending upon the number of questions asked.
  • Written cheat sheets may be added to the VIP LOUNGE on an as-needed basis depending on the kinds of questions students ask.


The VIP Lounge is ONLY OPEN to
Decorating Genius System grads!

These are meaty workshop-style online interior design gatherings exclusively for the most motivated and advanced DGS graduates! The VIP Lounge is the natural next step for you in the most perfect way possible. It’s perfect for DGS grads who are….

  • Renovating or building and have multiple areas and rooms to think about
  • Redesigning rooms and crave extra support and advice from Donna
  • Interviewing designers and contractors and want an extra pair of eyes and ears
  • Dedicated to learning design and simply love Donna’s teaching
“My home has certainly turned a corner. It is really looking great.
Thank you for your teaching and advice along the way.”
– Kay Keen

Tried my first VIP coaching call tonight. I was a little nervous but was very pleased with getting specific answers to some troubling questions. Thank you, Donna, for giving us this opportunity for individual guidance!!! Also enjoyed listening in on other members questions. Great learning experience!

Deb Nelson

Membership Options

All members have complete access to all recorded, time coded meet ups as well as any worksheet information Donna chooses to post based upon questions she sees coming up repeatedly.


I’m in the private Facebook group for DGS. How is this different from the Facebook Lives Donna does when she answers our questions?

Donna loves doing Facebook Lives on the public Facebook page to give back to all interior design lovers! But these are quick-serve-style Q&A’s, lasting only 10 to 25 minutes and designed to reach a broader audience including people who have never taken one of our interior design courses. Plus, the current plan is to do FB LIVES for this calendar year only since they happen during her studio work day.

In comparison, each VIP Lounge meetup will be 60-90 minutes and is reserved for only the most motivated and advanced DGS grads. Plus, you can email your questions and even send in project pictures. Donna can pull these up on the screen and talk with you about your specific challenges, meaning you walk away with a meaningful advice. They’re scheduled at 8pm EST so it’s easier for you to attend AND easier for Donna to give the group a full, deep focus without the demands of the studio calling.

Will the strategies shared on the call be from Decorating Genius System or will they be totally different?

Donna and the entire team worked hard at creating the VIP Lounge, because we saw that there was a need for the more advanced DGS students to get made-to-order decorating coaching and guidance.

The strategies will be based on the DGS foundation, but they will be specific and laser-focused. They will respect the fact that you’re a DGS graduate with a finely tuned interior design aesthetic and yes… they will be advanced if Donna feels that a student’s skills can take it!

What is the online meetup schedule each month?

Meetups will happen one Monday every month at 8 PM, Eastern.

Once you have an active membership, you’ll be able to see the scheduled dates. One week prior to the online meetup, we’ll email you to register for the meetup as well as to give you the question and photo submission form, so you can easily send in your design dilemma or pics you want us to see in advance. When you register for the meetup, we’ll send you a join link a few days prior to the online meetup.

What if I can't make it for the live online meetup?

No problem! Every online meetup will be recorded, cataloged, time-stamped and placed neatly in the library for you to listen to whenever you get the chance.

Will I get any additional worksheets or cheat sheets each month?

Since the meetups are live and the content is directed by student questions, they don’t follow a pre-planned agenda, so we won’t have agenda worksheets, per se. However, Donna reserves the right to upload a quick-glance cheat sheet or check list or other resources she deems necessary to support member success. This will be added monthly or bi-monthly depending on student needs and at Donna’s discretion, (as the most dedicated design coach around! Xo!)

What are the odds that Donna will answer my question?

Higher than you think! The VIP Lounge is only for a select group of DGS students, like you so it’s intimate, very exclusive and high-touch.

In addition, many people learn best by listening to others ask questions or are shy about asking a question, so you’ll have a pretty good chance that your question will be answered on a call!

Remember: the squeaky wheel gets the design grease so raise your hand and ask your question!

Can I pick which months I want to participate in the monthly meetups in my bundle or month-to-month membership?

Unfortunately, no.  Month-to-month memberships and bundled priced memberships are all on a consecutive monthly basis only. But remember, you will have unlimited access to the VIP Lounge Library, so if you miss a meetup you can catch up whenever is convenient for you.

What if I want to cancel after one month or any time?

We’ll be sorry to see you go but we totally understand. You can cancel anytime you want. Simply email our customer service team with a request for cancellation by the last day of the previous month.

However, if you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the library or participate in any meetups.

How do refunds work?

For month-to-month payment plans, refund request must be received by customer service no later than the last day of the month, in the month prior to the next LIVE MEETUP month. Refunds will not be provided because you missed a meetup, since your membership grants you access to the full VIP Lounge library. As always, you have a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy. For bundle package pricing, your cancellation request must be received by our team not later than the last day of the month prior to the next LIVE live meetup month. We will issue a pro-rated refund for any unused live meetup months.

We’re ready for you! We can’t wait to see you and all the beauty you’re creating in your home! Click here to sign up!