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Countless Decorating Genius System (DGS) users have brought their dream room designs to life, and your room could be next! Check out these incredible before and after photos our Design Lovers took with their smart phones!

  • Prior to DGS, I purchased other well-known systems. While they were very detailed and offered an array of information on style, color, and design, I personally have not found either one of them to be as practical or tailored to someone without a design background like myself as DGS. With DGS, the information is very straightforward and shows you how to work with what you have. The program has a rhythm to it which just makes sense. The step by step process allows you to build upon what you’ve learned and move forward. Then you add in the private Facebook page…it’s a win / win situation!

    Kym Kerstein, Stoughton, MA

  • It’s amazing how a room can seem well designed yet still not feel right. I am so thankful to learn from the Decorating Genius System that it’s okay to make it my own, following my personal fingerprint to get the feeling that I love and crave. Just a few simple changes to my room gave me the soft, relaxed feeling I need.

    – Peggy Stetson, Washougal, WA

  • Before DGS I spent A LOT of time looking at Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration but did not execute my plan out of fear. Utilizing Donna’s strategies, I finally had the confidence to move ahead.

    Tatum Croft, Raleigh, NC

  • I love what I learned from DGS. This is the bathroom in the home we bought a year ago. I am very proud of the way it turned out. It is one of my favorite rooms we have done so far. Now on to the rest of the house!

    Sara Beay, Mukwonago, WI

  • I bought this home last year and did a complete remodel. DGS has empowered me to have the confidence needed to finish designing my house. Breaking down each topic in separate, easy to understand videos helped me immensely.

    Lynda Gianetta

  • Before DGS, I had hundreds of Pinterest photos that I liked, but had no idea why. DGS pulled back the curtain and taught me how to create rooms with balance, contrast, and beauty!

    Alex Lantz, Savannah, GA

  • Before DGS I used magazines and Pinterest. DGS taught me taught me about my particular design style. This very old bathroom is off of my sewing room. I decided to make it cheery to define my style and creativity.

    Margaret Hackett, Hockessin, DE 

  • Before DGS, I tried so many ways to improve my home’s décor. I even had several friends try to help me. I absolutely LOVE my home now. Once I learned my design fingerprint, things moved along so much better for me. Now, my home is my favorite place to be.

    Leigh Turner, Olive Branch, MS

  • Before DGS I decorated by trial and error. I toured furniture stores to see how they showcased things but rarely liked what I saw. I have painted rooms 4 times and still not hit the perfect color! DGS has shown me how I can work my thrifting finds into great decorating results.

    Nikki Derrick, Mulberry, FL

  • I used to scour Pinterest, design magazines, and watch a lot of flip shows. What has made a difference for me is the design formulas that Donna has shown me. I love it! Thank you so much.

    Martina Schlabach, Columbus, NC

  • Before DGS I looked at friend’s homes for inspiration. Using DGS has given me more confidence.

    Norene Harrison,  Vinita, OK

  • Before DGS I thought I had a decent plan by making folders on Houzz and then hitting furniture stores or the internet. I made so many wrong choices. Discovering my design fingerprint was a game changer for me. I love being able to look through inspiration pictures with a more critical eye to discover what I’m really drawn to. Such a difference! Thanks Donna.

    Tami Klibert, League City, TX

  • I am still shocked when people tell me they like my design. I had no (none, zip, zero) design knowledge. I was so lost and so thankful that Donna and TIDA came across my Facebook feed. Purchasing DGS was a step by step setup for success. I now know what I was missing – MY design fingerprint. I am forever grateful for Donna’s expertise, generosity, and coaching. I finally have a peaceful office to work and create. So grateful to DGS – genius!

    Laura Gouveia, Riverside, CA 

  • Before DGS, I had hundreds of Pinterest photos that I liked, but had no idea why. DGS pulled back the curtain and taught me how to create rooms with balance, contrast, and beauty!

    Alex Lantz, Savannah, GA

  • Before DGS, I used magazines and Pinterest. DGS has encouraged me to think a little outside the box and make a plan. This is an apartment over my garage that I redid. My inspiration piece was the rooster painting.

    Margaret Hackett, Hockessin, DE

  • The Decorating Genius System works.  I love home decorating, but my spaces were always missing something.  I thought I just didn’t have the talent for home decorating. I kept trying, spending money, moving furniture, it never clicked. Then I found DGS. I watched the videos, participated in the Facebook group, and it finally clicked. By following DGS I can have a home I love and am proud of. The two things that made the biggest difference in how I approach a project are #1 finding and understanding my design fingerprint and #2 finding that inspirational fabric or artwork to get my project jumpstarted. I am very happy I found DGS.  I will probably be signing up for CPR next as I venture into my next project.

    Mary Hobbs Swink