Three plants in fabric pot covers standing against white, empty wall

If tackling a vertical garden wall seems like too much pain for the gain, this post is for you! We’ve rounded up our favorite low-maintenance indoor plants so you can ditch your dust-collecting faux ferns and flowers … please, we beg you.

From succulents to ivies, even the brownest thumb can create their own indoor garden with these no-brainer options:

  • Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree – Don’t let this one scare you. With broad, richly colored leaves, the fiddle leaf fig tree adds tremendous design power to any room. Best near a sunny window, this tree only needs to be watered once a week. The trick is to master the watering schedule; 2.5 cups of water every 5-6 days and you’re golden.
  • Rubber Plant – One of the easiest plants to grow, this succulent thrives in both sunny and dim environments. While it can typically go a few weeks without water, its soil should be kept moist throughout its summer growing season. Unpruned, they can grow up to 10’ tall, making them a great choice for spaces with high ceilings.
  • Peace Lilies – The “no-brainer” of the plant world, peace lilies are excellent for indoor environments as they require minimal light and only need to be watered weekly. This stunner can grow quite large, and if you’re lucky, eventually bloom into beautiful white lilies.
  • Snake Plant – Nearly impossible to kill, this succulent is tall and vibrantly striped. Care for this plant is minimal; indirect light and occasional watering are all it needs to thrive in your home. I have one in my home that is nearly 35 years old! (Her name is Sylvia.)
  • Jade Plant – One of our favorite succulent varieties, the Jade plant is considered good luck in many cultures and can last for decades if properly cared for. This slow-growing succulent requires watering twice a week and medium light to stay happy and healthy.
  • Aloe Plant – Along with its fun, spiky appearance, aloe offers good looks and medicinal benefits. Snip the tip off one of their spikes and use the sticky gel inside to treat minor burns. This succulent should be kept in an area with good sunlight and watered once a week.
  • English Ivy – No indoor gardening post would be complete without a nod to the English Ivy. Bright light and steady moisture are the key to keeping this plant happy. With long, elegantly winding vines, this plant can be left in its naturally cascading form or worked into a pre-made topiary form by even the most talentless gardeners among us.

Whether you live in a sunny three-bedroom or dim inner-city apartment, there’s an indoor plant that will thrive in your abode. Find the right one for you and watch your space come to life. Contact us if there is a room you want to completely redesign!