Each month we put together a new collection of accessories that work beautifully together to style out a fireplace mantel with a designer’s touch. Mantel in a Box is the perfect alternative to cumbersome and confusing decor style box services. With monthly style boxes, you receive a number of items with no plan for how to arrange them. Plus, the items sent may not work with your decor. (Another trip to the post office? No thanks!)

This Zen mantel can be created with a soft yet striking piece of abstract art, a pair of textured metal vases, and a tree sculpture hand carved out of mango wood.

A. Trio of Abstract Paintings:

32”H x 48”W x 1.5”D



B. Textured Metal Vase Set

Large – 20.5”H x 7.5”W

Small – 15.5”H x 7.5”W



C. Mango Wood Tree Sculpture

22.5”H x 21”W x 4.5”D