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Design CPR FAQs

Q1: Will this work even if I have no interior design experience?

Yep. I created Design CPR for every ambition level. It’s definitely directed to the DIY Design Lover working on her own home, yet is also a great recourse for people who want to take their design results to the next level. I cover basic and advanced strategies, but always deliver them in a yummy, totally practical and easy to understand and implement fashion.

Q2. How much time will I have to spend on learning all of this?

I designed Design CPR so you can watch a few videos a day for 1 week and then be totally ready to dive in to your room transformation!   OR you may be the type to want to split them up over a weekend.  BUT people seem to love my videos and report constantly they binge watch my design courses! Not that I’m sorry to hear people are binging, but that was never my intention I know you’re busy. And tired!  BUT if you want a number:  You could technically watch all of the system videos in 5 hours 49 minutes.

No video is longer that about half an hour, some even shorter.  I’ve intentionally kept the videos easy to take in, engaging, fun and no longer than a half hour TV show.  PLUS, very importantly, AS you watch the videos with me, we’ll be creating YOUR precise project plan together; we’ll be analyzing your room, setting your budget and setting your specific step-by-step action plan. So while you’re watching the videos, you will also actually be starting your room transformation planning. PLUS, there are a couple of times where I invite you to pause after a video, and go try implementing some of the techniques and strategies I showed you so that you can experience a quick win.

Q3. What if I have questions during my redecorating project?

We’ve got you covered there my lovely!  That’s EXACTLY why we have a private FB page JUST for Design CPR users. You can post questions, along with your many successes (!) for the community and my team to weigh in on. I love taking you under my wing on your design journey! That page is your refuge; get questions answered, get opinions if you want them.

Q4. How can I be sure this wouldn’t be like the design books I’ve bought and the decorating blogs I scour?

First of all, I get annoyed by the design books filled with impractical advice or partial advice, or that require you to live in a home in the Hollywood Hills to get a result you’ll love.

And though I love a good blog, I’m frustrated on behalf of all design lovers who scour blogs but don’t get across the Gorgeous Home Finish Line – since – 300-500 word blog posts can only provide a little snippet of design – a random idea here, an interesting idea there.


SO I made it my mission to deliver you Design Strategy, not design snippets. I also made it my mission to empower you with a comprehensive, complete A-Z system, step by step moving you from point A to point B.  Point A is…Absolutely Dissatisfied with My Results to Point B: Beautiful Room I now love, Beautiful Transformation, Blew My Mind that I totally did this Myself.

Q5. What if I don’t like it? – Refund policy??

Life has enough risk and I don’t think trying Design CPR should be one of them. In fact, I’m so confident that Design CPR is EXACTLY what you need to massively and successfully transform any room in 30 Days or Less, because I designed it to do EXACTLY that for you- that I provide a 30 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Q6. How much personal access will I get to Donna’s design genius?

You are welcome to post questions in the private FB page. We love hearing from you and seeing your successes. My team and I are active in the private group and keep an eye on posts and threads to be sure people are getting what they need. I do my best to guide and to answer where needed. I will not answer a question if you ask me to do the design work for you. I am teaching you to build muscle. I will not answer if you ask a question with an answer I know I teach inside the videos. I’m teaching you to build muscle.  This said, we do answer questions. I tend to pop into the pages during the workweek, not weekends. As far as personal access to me, please note that design is my livelihood. It would be massively unfair to my private clients if I designed for you, rather than guiding you.

I’m blessed to have lots of design loving followers…but there’s only 1 of me. So it would be literally impossible for me to design for you. SO, to sum it up, we have a private Facebook page so you can get your questions answered by our team and also enjoy input from the whole community. The motto is: You design, the community guides.  I’m part of that community.

Q7.  Will I have to spend a lot of money on transforming my room?

No, not necessarily. The formulas I lay out in Design CPR can work if you want to do a zero spend, working to improve only what you already own –  as well as – if you have some budget dollars you want to invest in your space .

This said, design is a sum total sport. The end result is affected by the sum of all the parts. HOWEVER, I believe and know that anything can be improved. SO Design CPR definitely shows you how to markedly improve what you already own; I show you how to analyze where you may need to add something and why. When we set your budget early on, YOU decide what your budget will be. YOU decide how much budget you want to devote to your project. $0, $200, $500, $1000, $2000+….or any number in between, the decision is yours.

Q8. Will this work if I’m starting a design project that was abandoned in the middle?

Great question! Design CPR is a PERfect room facelift system for results in 30 days or less. If you feel you need a total project design path to start a project , from where to start, to Budgeting to Creating Furniture Space Plans, Shopping for Furniture, Creating Fabric and Color Plans – changing a room with a total redo, changing 50% -100% of a room, then you’d benefit from another product of ours called Decorating Genius System…7 Simple Steps to Great Rooms. That amazing product lays out your exact path to start a project from scratch, or restart a room that’s half empty or half way done.

Design CPR…Creating Perfect Rooms is a Room Faceflit System for results in 30 Days or less. It’s perfect for transforming an OK room into a GREAT room, taking a cold room and making it wonderful, transforming an “almost there room” into an Amazing Room. It’s also great to take your results to a whole new level in your home in total.

So the operative words for Design CPR are: Facelift and Transformation in Under 30 Days. You can’t do a room from scratch, or replace 50%, 60% or 70% of a room in 30 Days or less as a non-design professional.

Design CPR is a “dessert first” quick results option.

Our Decorating Genius System is a product that empowers you to do a room from scratch, do multiple rooms from scratch, do a major re-do on a room or rooms or jump start a room that stalled is about 50% complete.

Q9. What if I’m a professional designer or stager, can I benefit from Design CPR?

Great question! You should know that I absolutely create my products for the DIY Design Lover working on her own home.

This said, I know that we get a lot of interest from design professionals who want to know about our products.

Design CPR could be a great option for you if you are “young” to the professional interior design world just entering it for the first time or have under 5 years in the industry, or are thinking of or here recently entered interior design as a career change. Design CPR may also be a nice option if you’ve never really apprenticed under another designer; if you did a certification program rather than pursuing a degree in interior design, or for stagers who have under 3 years in the industry.

This said, currently we are creating products for the DIY Design Lover working on her own home. Concepts have been shorthanded for the DIY end user.  Design professionals should have more information. This product is not intended in any way to provide formal interior design training or professional staging training.

Additionally, the private CPR Facebook page is for the DIY Design lover working on her own home. I will not answer questions from designers about their projects. I want our DIY Design Lovers to feel totally comfortable posting their pics and questions.