Ok. So listen. If you have to ask how many accessories are too many accessories, you probably already have too many. But the greater problem is that you’re asking is the wrong question!

The bigger question to answer is this: What is the PURPOSE of the accessories in a room?

The empowering answer will unlock an important door for you. Accessories in interior design can be used to:

  • THROW and hold needed weight in an area of a room
  • MOVE color into an area of a room
  • ADD a new texture or color into a room -REPEAT a color, shape or texture in a room

Beautifully crafted rooms are always wonderfully and strategically accessorized. Always.

Try this powerful exercise. Using your iPhone, photograph and print full page sized images of your room. Then ask the important question above: What design purpose do my accessories serve? You’ll see your empty spaces, your overstuffed spaces and your under filled spaces.

Accessorizing a room beautifully is not about budget size, guesswork or happenstance. It IS about using powerful but simple design strategy.

Hopefully the exercise above will get you started and be a real eye opener for you! Your rooms will never be the same!