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Confidently Create Your FIRST Beautiful & Transformed Room Using Accessories in under 4 Weeks – And Claim Your Spot Living in a Beautiful Space

Create the perfect space without constant self-doubt, crippling confusion or the self-defeating thinking,
“Am I missing the decorating-it-gene?”

If you’re an interior design lover, DIY-er or stager looking to quickly create gorgeous spaces using accessories, then you probably already know that instinct alone and Pinterest board pinning doesn’t work.

No need to harp on this – you get it.

You don’t need to be reminded that the “woo-woo” decorating approach doesn’t produce reliable, truly beautiful results; it only brings more frustration.

After all, you probably already know that living in a beautiful home is the dream-tipping-point that allows you to live your best life, feeling great in your own skin, because your daily beautiful surroundings affect you and fuel you to be the best version of yourself.
You already know that home beauty is powerful in your life.

You probably have also wondered if some people have the “it” gene,


You’ve thought, “I need a ‘McMansion’ to create beautiful spaces.” Maybe you do live in a ‘McMansion’, (woot-woot). Then again…maybe you don’t. (Also, woot-woot)

Maybe you’ve thought, “I need a giant budget and a hired decorating pro to get gorgeous results.

Not anymore.

The 4 Top Reasons Most Room Accessories Flop

Reason #1: Using Guesswork, Not Design Strategy for: What You Select & Combine, Where you Place Things & How You Style Them.

You’ve read the blogs and watched HGTV with blurbs like, “Style out in groups of 3,” and “Just buy what you love.”

Yeah, um… If that was all you needed, then mic drop! We’d be done and you’d love the way your home looks.

Sure, sometimes working in a grouping of 3 IS the right formula BUT not every time. And yeah, of course, you’ve gotta love what’s in your home!

But it is strategy and a formula path that delivers reliable, beautiful results. Not instinct.

HOW you style out accessories uses specific design strategy.

WHAT you select and combine uses specific strategy.

Selecting and combining accessory material alone is SO strategic; color, shape, style, texture, line, materials and more.

…And WHERE you place accessories – that’s massively strategic too.

For beautiful spaces, you’ve got to lean into all 3 strategy pillars: WHAT you select and combine, WHERE you place accessories, HOW you style them out… This is where the power lies for beautiful rooms.

By contrast, just moving things around with a hit-or-miss session after returning from another eye-glazing stroll around the aisles of HomeGood’s….that’s the road to hell. Pour the pinot and take an aspirin!

Guesswork will NEVER give you the ability or control to create those Pinterest beautiful results you’re after. Ever.

No matter the design style, budget size or room type here’s what’s always true: Clear design strategy for accessories can always yield beautiful results. Period.

Reason #2: Believing that with the Right Styling, You Can Make Any Accessory Look Good with Any Other Accessory.

“The blog said, I should just arrange things in groupings of 3. The TV host said I should just find things I love and play with them.”

Um, no.

Think for a sec about your favorite pair of sneakers. Now think about your favorite handbag. How about your favorite dress and your all-time favorite sweater…

Now imagine putting them all on at the same time – not good.

Everything in your closet does NOT look good with everything else in your closet! Some things work well together, others, not at all.

Same deal with home accessories.

Not everything works with everything.

Understanding that power, pros and cons of all the different accessory materials, unleashes your design success.

Accessory materials include: Glass, crystal, wood, metal, wicker, stone, plant, mirror, wall art, cloth (like pillows and throws)…to name a few.

Using strategy, not instinct, immediately empowers you to PERfectly place the right materials, color, shape – and more – throughout your room.

BUT great styling alone WILL NEVER correct poor accessory selection and  bad combinations. Ever.

You get really wise and successful when you lean into accessory design strategy for styling, selection, combination and placement.

Reason #3: The Furniture Layout Isn’t Right.

“Seriously? Furniture arrangement affects successful room accessorization?”

Yes. Seriously.

Here’s a million-dollar interior design insider secret no one tells you. You don’t accessorize a room. You accessorize the furniture layout in a room.

Even the most beautiful, shiny, new furniture, poorly arranged in a room – a common DIY mistake – will completely BLOCK a beautiful accessorization and the polished transformation from happening.

Think about it. Furniture dictates accessory placement. Placement dictates styling. Both factors add up to beauty – or cause you to miss the mark.

It’s not about buying new furniture. It’s about shoring up and correcting your furniture placement to maximize what you’ve already got.

What happens on your coffee table IS connected to what happens on your mantel, which is connected to what happens on your wall.

Accessories in the Pinterest-beautiful rooms you love are all DOING something to your eye. They are making you see the room a certain way, and it all starts with your furniture placement.

Ideal furniture placement sets the stage for great accessorization to take place – which leads to beautiful rooms.

Reason #4: The DIY Machine Lies. Every Day.

Yes, the glittery, entertaining & fun DIY machine bubbling with Instagram, TV shows, magazines, Houzz, Pinterest, logs…It lies.

The DIY Machine is not malicious, but it lies to savvy women every day, which leads to disappointing decorating results, idea overload, confusion and frustration.

The DIY machine lies with a smile. It dumbs down design into overly simplified snippets that fit into a 300 word blog post – or a 22 minute TV show, before commercials. Partial stories. Random ideas.

Try baking a beautiful and delicious cake with a partial-story recipe. Even worse, the DIY machine misleads truly smart, capable women by implying that a design snippet here and a picture there can reliably lead you to the beautiful results you see in your head and truly want.

If that “process lie” was true, then 98% of design lovers wouldn’t have reported in a recent Houzz survey that they’re not happy with the way their home looks.

If you believe the DIY lies, you’ll stay disempowered.

Embrace interior design strategy instead, and if you want to, take your power back and surprise yourself with beautiful spaces in your home – all thanks to finally harnessing the hidden power of accessories.


Bloggers and Instgrammers will continue to feed you soundbite snippets.
They want you to feel like you need their snippets to get results, but it’s not about your success – it’s about keeping up their follower count.
Remember, the DIY machine is fun and pretty. It’s info-tainment, but all the incomplete information leads to tremendous frustration, idea overload and results that fall flat.

That’s that bad news.

But there’s better news – actually fabulous news!
You’re not alone if you’re frustrated with your home design results, girlfriend.
You’re not alone if the DIY decorating machine has put you into idea overload, confusion or overwhelm.
You’re not alone if you feel like you’ve tried and failed before.
You’re not alone if the DIY decorating machine’s lie has made you think that you must be missing the “it” gene in decorating because even though you’re collecting images, the ideas in your head always seem to fall flat.
No more lies.

So here’s The Fabulous Truth

Design is highly strategic and formula driven. When you understand strategy, design also follows a very logical path too.
If you’re smart enough to follow a recipe, you can follow a well thought out strategic design path.

Here is an even Better Fabulous Truth…

YOU have all the smarts and talent you need to be successful in design, but without a clear design STRATEGY, you can expect to #designfail.

The Most Fabulous Truth…

I have taught thousands of women, who feel exactly like you do, to dramatically turn around their home design – creating beautiful spaces that thrill and surprise them.


Accessorize Any Space Like a Boss – Any Budget or Design Style

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned as a multi-award winning designer, who earned the honor of being called the nation’s leading Interior Design Coach, having taught tens of thousands of design lovers – and I’ve channeled it into a powerful implementation course and system that gets gorgeous but fast results utilizing the hidden power of room accessories to totally transform a room.

I admit, I’m a little bit of a unicorn, because of a weird trait I have… I’m equally left brain (logic) and right brain (creative). So when I went back to design school, I immediately saw all of these connections light up as professors droned on about interior design.

I discovered that interior design is INCREDIBLY strategic, logical and formulaic when you see it right.

This is probably why I HAVE successfully taught thousands of women to turn around their design results and create amazingly beautiful spaces.

I’m not a lifestyle blogger making up her own design theories.

I’m not an out-of-touch designer who can design, but can’t teach, or who doesn’t understand the word “budget.”

I’m a super logical “creative” who naturally, and instinctively, breaks down large concepts and creative concepts into easy-to-learn strategic bites that fit into a larger, easy-to-see, strategic path – so it all makes sense to interior design enthusiasts, non-designers and design pros alike.

SO in Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories, I took everything they taught us in design school, along with everything they didn’t, but I wish they had, to create a foolproof method for my Design Divas to get beautiful results in as little time, and with as little budget, as possible.

Accessories are the lowest hanging, most powerful design tool available to you, but without realizing this, you are throwing all that power away.

That stops now, with Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories.

I teach women who thought they lacked the design gene.

I teach women who thought they needed a ‘McMansion’ to get gorgeous results.

I teach women who DO live in ‘McMansions’ and want it to look like they spent a million bucks, but actually didn’t using my course.

I teach women who tried before, failed, tried again and failed, but then found out about me and saw it was time to try a new way.

I’m ready to take YOU under my wing too, girlfriend.

Design CPR: Creating Perfect Room with Accessories

Is the only program of it’s kind that not only maps out and shows you EXACTLY how to STRATEGICALLY Plan, Select, & Combine accessories for any design style and budget, but also how to Style-Out entire rooms using accessories for maximum flair, impact, and gorgeous-factor.

Yes, you’ll discover the strategies behind everything you learn but more importantly you’ll have a precise, step-by-step project plan that leaves nothing out, and takes nothing for granted.

The results? A gorgeous space for you to enjoy for the rest of your life, PLUS, a rinse-and-repeat process that you can use to complete room, after room, after room.

  • Replaces guesswork with design strategy for: What you Select & Combine, Where you Place things & how you Style them.
  • Erases the DIY machine lies and replaces the idea overload and confusion with a clear, simple strategic path and simple rinse and repeat formulas, no matter the room type, budget or design style.
  • Erases limiting beliefs and myths with design empowering strategy that leads to real and beautiful design results.



In 4 modules, and a few yum-and-a-half bonuses, this interior design online course is designed so you get your results in 4 hours, 2 weeks or 4 weeks – you’ll be deciding which project-type is the best fit for you.

Here’s how you will get there with Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories:

MODULE 1: Mastering Room Transforming Formulas

It’s time to erase the guess-work design and discover the unbeatable foundation of interior design strategy for accessories. These strategies are SO simple to do, but SO powerful when logically strung together.

Here you will learn full room accessory formulas, both advanced and basic, and in no time you’ll be styling out bookcases, coffee tables, side tables –any surface – as well as walls, like a pro.

But more than that, you’ll be transforming your rooms with quick wins that I’ll coach you through AS you go through the video lessons with me.


  • Master Accessory 101 by uncovering the most common accessorization mistakes (you’re probably making) and master the 5 Power-Move Golden Rules of Accessories. Discover what $300/hour pros know about creating rhythms in rooms that yield Pinterest-worthy results. (Sounds advanced but I break it down to amazing simpleness!)
  • Demystify perfect accessorization for fireplace mantels & bookcases, hutches, cabinets & étagères all while creating
    irresistible table tops in your home – including coffee tables, consoles, end tables, nightstands, countertops and more.
  • Discover the design “action” of all the different accessory materials: their pros and cons so you’ll immediately know what to select and combine.
  • Tackle your wall art woes like a seasoned design pro using Wall Art Power Strategies to make rooms fabulous, no matter the budget.
  • Unleash the power of pillows – a teeny element that serves as a mission critical part of the design and accessory plan.
MODULE 2: Mastering Color to Facelift a Room

Did you know that your accessories are affected by your wall color? Did you ever wonder, “Should I add an accent wall?” or “Maybe I could add a color splash on the ceiling…” Wonder no more, girlfriend. Together we will tackle all those nagging color questions, and more…

You’ll discover easy hacks to determine if your wall color is already perfect. If it is, that’s great!

And if your wall color isn’t already perfect, you’ll love my hacks to easily change it, while also discovering if an accent wall or ceiling color splash is the ideal flourish for your space. And if there’s an accent wall or ceiling in
your future, you’ll know how to ROCK it thanks to this module.

YES, we are leaning heavily on accessories to transform and polish your room, but we can’t ignore what your wall color is doing to your space. This module is all bonuslotsa surprise – and an important “check in.”


  • If you need a new wall color, discover the path to an easy color strategy, what I like to call Wall Color Botox. The easy and foolproof way to develop your wall color concept – and then select the best color – without the overwhelm!
  • If a wall color change is in your future, get complete clarity on your open concept spaces and demystify paint color once and for all!
  • If an accent wall or ceiling color splash is right for you, learn the easy strategy to master these often-screwed-up flourishes so you do it like a pro for great and gorgeous results.
MODULE 3: Room Facelifting with Furniture

Are you ready for another surprise? In this module, you’ll discover that you don’t actually accessorize a ROOM – you accessorize the furniture layout WITHIN a room. (with the exception of bathrooms which have no furniture!).

Here, you’ll discover room-by-room furniture layout hacks to identify if YOUR furniture layout needs a power-correction or a power-tweak and all without drawing a plan. You’ll easily do your furniture adjustment the way a trained pro would so you can then rock your accessorization.

As an added treat, JUST in case you have a piece of furniture that is not up-to-snuff for your room, I reveal a series of furniture facelift moves – from zero cost, nominal effort to mid-cost and full-cost – all with no talent required.

Remember, Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories is about creating your most gorgeous spaces possible in as little time as possible and to do it by relying HEAVILY on accessories! 😉

Shoring up your furniture placement is done to support ideal accessory placement and style out.


  • Achieve complete clarity on the key furniture arrangement mistakes AND the easy fixes and formulas for ANY room!
  • Learn how to facelift and botox your furniture to freshen your look. From ‘Fluff & Puff’ to ‘All Out Surgery’ – the goal is NOT to buy new furniture items if at all possible.
  • Score a sneak peek into designer furniture-detailing strategies to knock your furniture facelifts out of the park.
MODULE 4: Climb Into the Driver's Seat

Here is where the rubber hits the road and you will pull together everything you’ve learned into a final, actionable plan.

This is where your exact plan and steps flow right out of you and onto paper. You and I will map out YOUR exact accessory-driven room facelift for gorgeous results.

I’ll hold your hand as you determine which is the BEST path for your budget and project goals.


  • Master the 3-Step Room Perfecting Formula for Accessories and decide if you’re doing a 4-hour room transformation, or a 2-week or a 4-week one. The more shopping you do, the more time we’ll give you!
  • Discover WHERE and HOW to start your accessory-driven room facelift or transformation project.
  • Complete your project on YOUR timeline as you learn how to schedule your plan and map out every needed action step to get you to your target completion date – gorgeous, on time & on budget!

BONUSES… Included because I like to over deliver for you, girlfriend!

Bonus #1: Members-Only Private Facebook Group

Why DIY (Do It Yourself) when you can DWO ….Decorate with Others?™ Seriously, wouldn’t you LOVE to have a community of like-minded design lovers behind you?

A community of women all speaking the same language, cheering you on? With my Design CPR course, you’re not alone A.N.Y.M.O.R.E.
In this amazingly supportive private community, post pictures of your #designwins, post questions, post ideas and ask for input. You’ve got a family of Design Divas ready to embrace you!

Bonus #2: Platinum Accessory Resource Rolodex with Reusable Shopping Discount Coupons

I’ve got your back, lovely, and I am opening my professional toolbox to you.

In case you decide you need a new accessory or two – or 12 – I wanted to support you by opening up a whole world of resources to make it easier for you to find the perfect high-style but affordable accessories – from wall art to table top accessories to lamps, pillows and more.

PLUS, I’ve included reusable online coupons to a couple of my favorite online resources

Bonus #3: The Quick Results Cheat Sheets

If you want action made easy, this power pack of cheat sheets is made to help you get to your gorgeous results faster and easier than you ever could have imagined.

In addition to everything I review inside of Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories, I’m adding this bonus 3-pack to give you a Project Scheduler, Project Planner & Project Budget Calculator.

You literally “fill in the blanks” and have a power plan to follow because this power-pack puts you solidly in the driver’s seat!


Sure, in Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories you’re going to gain a game changer, rinse-and-repeat, strategic path and process that will have you gorgeously polishing and transforming any type of room – room after room.

You’ll be given a process that falls completely in line with your skills, ability, time, budget and design style.

But unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait months before seeing real results, meaningful changes and beautiful transformations.

Enroll right now, watch a few short lessons and immediately begin to restyle and significantly beautify a particular area of a room.

So much so that you can post pictures of your FIRST interior design win inside the Members-Only Private Facebook Group – amazing yourself while getting some applause! …And that’s before you’ve even tackled your whole space!

If you don’t feel like you’re well on your way to your first gorgeously transformed room using accessories, while feeling super motivated and SO much more confident in your ability to decorate REALLY well using the hidden power of accessories, then contact Steve or Kate, within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll return your full investment to you, and you can hire a design pro to transform your room for a few thousand dollars instead.

Here’s what you get when you enroll today

The Complete Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories Value $997

  • Bonus #1: Quick Results Cheat Sheets Value $ 99
  • Bonus #2: Platinum Accessory Resource Rolodex Value $199
  • Bonus#3: Members-Only Private Facebook Group Value $297

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1,592



$399 Single Payment Today



Question 1: Can you really change or polish a room with accessories?

I’m so happy you asked that. You have NO IDEA the hidden power locked inside your accessories. In fact, the accessories in your home RIGHT NOW are doing something RIGHT NOW to every room. BUT, if you don’t control them, they “do their thing” to create huge #designfails.

So yes, as a pro designer, I have changed AND polished more spaces than I can count by leaning into the power of accessories.

Question 2: I’ve tried designing spaces in my home before and it has never come out completely the way I wished it did. Maybe I don’t “have what it takes”?

Great question. First, girlfriend, you have ALL the talent and brain power you need. I know because I have taught thousands of women like you to turn around their results – and we do it in all design styles and budgets.The only thing you ARE missing for sure is design strategy. Design strategy is like a clear, methodical recipe you follow. Follow the strategies and the strategic path I guide you through, step by step, and your gorgeous results will speak for themselves. And in less than 1 month too!

Question 3: I read the interior design magazines and put together Houzz idea books, but nothing has worked so far. How is your online interior design course different?

I’m glad you asked! Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories is unlike anything available.

It’s not random ideas. It’s not a bunch of mumbo-jumbo I made up with trial and error in my own home as a lifestyle blogger.

Design CPR is filled with clear interior design strategy that controls and aligns design into clear, simple steps. It’s everything I’ve learned in design school, plus my years designing professionally while winning some pretty hefty interior design awards too.

You see, I have an odd characteristic – I see design and creative things in a very logical, linear way. That’s why women love the way I teach design. I am naturally a very logical, linear teacher – even where creative concepts are concerned. You are about to learn that interior design is NOT nebulous.

…And you are about to get out of information overload and random-idea-overwhelm, just like the thousands of other women I’ve taught.

Question 4: I’m super busy with family, work, life. How long does it take to watch the videos?

Well, that’s another great question. IF you are a binge watcher, which evidently some of my students are – you could technically binge the entire course in under 5 hours.

I like to give you the best information possible in the shortest, easiest way to take it in, so I like to keep my video lessons concise too.

Question 5: What if I don’t see my design style in your pictures? Will Design CPR work for me?

Smart question. With great design strategy, the strategy applies to ALL and EVERY design style. Design strategy is the glue. You can rest assured that Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories works for all design styles. PLUS you’ll love the Members-Only Private Facebook group so you can post your pics and the community, along with our design team, can weigh in.

Question 6: Do you need a giant budget or a ‘McMansion’ to get truly beautiful results?

I’m so glad you brought that up because I hear that a lot and the answer is absolutely NOT! You DO NOT need a giant budget to get gorgeous results: You DO need wise interior design strategy.

Like I always teach, it’s not what you spend, it’s what you DO with what you spend. And as far as home size, size has nothing to do with beauty.

Wise design strategy is what delivers beautiful design.

And of the thousands of design lovers I have taught and empowered, I have watched students create beautiful and meaningful changes, and beautiful and meaningful design outcomes, working across all home sizes, all budgets and, yes, all interior design styles.

Question 7: What if I try the course and find it’s not right for me?

Great question! I am so confident that Design CPR does exactly what I say it does, because I’ve designed it to do just that, that I confidently stand by my no-questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. No risk to you for trying the course. Just contact Steve or Kate in Customer Service if you’d like a refund within 30 days of making your purchase.

Question 8: What If I don’t want to change my paint color and only want to do some magic with my accessories?

Oh, you are a smart woman to ask that!

Girlfriend, I truly added the color module as a bonus. I almost didn’t include it because I didn’t want to confuse the accessory message! Then, for a minute, I thought about including it but not telling anyone it’s in the course so to surprise anyone who needed it!

First, make no mistake: this course is about unleashing the power of accessories to make your spaces amazing. That’s why module one has the most videos and information of all!

I included my little “color-and-paint-check module” just to make sure that for any student whose wall color is not working and who needed a smidge more support, OR who really wanted an accent wall, I wanted to provide that support.

If you know for sure you are NOT changing your wall color, no problem. Then I’d advise you to either skip those couple of video lessons – or more wisely – watch them anyway because the information you gain will be a game changer for your next larger design project!

Either way, this course leans into the hidden power of accessories to make amazing things happen. To achieve that, you MUST ensure your furniture placement is perfect, AND you need ideal accessories, accessories combinations, ideal placement and perfect styling. Wall color and accent walls and ceilings is a bonus from me.

Bottom line: If you want to amazingly impact a room with accessories, then this course is for you.

Questions 9: Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

Sure! Here’s what you get when you enroll today…

  • The Complete Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories Value $997
  • Bonus #1: Quick Results Cheat Sheets Value $ 99
  • Bonus #2: Platinum Accessory Resource Rolodex Value $199
  • Bonus#3: Members-Only Private Facebook Group Value $297

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1,592



$399 Single Payment Today




Design CPR: Creating Perfect Rooms with Accessories is perfect for you if:


  • You’re motivated and ready to take control of creating more beauty in your home.
  • You’ve been struggling and just want to get it right, once and for all.
  • You’re READY to create brag-worthy wins and live every day in the amazing results you create in your home.
  • You’re ready to invest a few hours watching the videos and taking the small wins.
  • You’re excited to try the 3 Step Room Perfecting Formula with Accessories. If you’ve tried things before, now you’re super motivated to make it happen.
  • You feel confident grabbing your access with a 30-day money back guarantee. Either you love the course and get the results you want, or you write to us for your money back guarantee.
  • You’re excited to make things happen using strategy, possibly for the first time.
  • You’re ready to change your approach to interior design & decorating.
  • You’re excited to get results in under 30 days.
  • You are tired of doing the same thing you’ve BEEN doing and getting the same results you have now.
  • You are ready to have a private community of like-minded design lovers behind you.
  • You believe you deserve a beautiful home – and that with the right strategy and support, you can make it happen!



$399 Single Payment Today