Each month we put together a new collection of accessories that work beautifully together to style out a fireplace mantel with a designer’s touch. Mantel in a Box is the perfect alternative to cumbersome and confusing decor style box services. With monthly style boxes, you receive a number of items with no plan for how to arrange them. Plus, the items sent may not work with your decor. (Another trip to the post office? No thanks!)

Curated by our award-winning luxury design team, Mantel in a Box is a virtual decor box that allows you to pick and choose the PERfect pieces for your style and space. With this great flexibility, you can purchase one item or order the entire set!

This simple yet striking arrangement can be achieved with an abstract canvas done in a palette of soft blues flanked by pair of stately silver vases.

45”W x 30”H x 1.5”D
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20”H x 10.5”W x 4.5”D
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DISCLAIMER: This Mantel in a Box has been curated by the professional design team at The Interior Design Advocate. Items shown were available to ship when this list was created. We have no control over the price or stock of any item shown. Any quality or shipment issue should be addressed directly with the retailer. IMPORTANT: Measure your mantel depth as they can vary greatly. We are working off of a standard maximum depth of 9” The Interior Design Advocate will receive a small commission from the retailer if you choose to purchase using our direct links provided below, however, this commission does not increase your purchase price.