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So glad to see you here in the Lounge Hub! This is the place you can initiate your participation in each monthly live meet up. Check the schedule below to see the next meet up date and put it into your calendar and register of course!

Don’t forget to dive into rich archive of recorded past meet-ups to see what you’ve missed…and could use right now! ‘

And hop into the new VIP Lounge Bonuses area. Even though meet-ups are driven entirely by your questions; Donna will be loading support materials into the VIP Lounge Bonuses area as needed as she believes will further support you to your gorgeous results.


VIP Lounge meetups:

  • Jan 10th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Feb 7th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Mar 7th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Apr 4th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • May 2nd - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Jun 6th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Aug 8th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Sep 12th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Oct 10th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Nov 7th - Tuesday @ 5pm est
  • Dec 5th - Tuesday @ 5pm est

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*Dates are subject to change. VIP Lounge members will be notified in the event of a cancellation (due to schedule conflicts, unforeseen illness, a bad rash etc.). Cancelled sessions will be rescheduled.


Want to send us some pictures for an upcoming call?

Use the form below to send us your comments and images.

VIP Lounge Guidelines –

  • The deadline for question submission is the Sunday before the call at midnight Eastern Time.
  •  Remember – you design, Donna guides. As succinctly as possible, state your design challenge AND the top 1-2 solutions you’re considering.
  • We want to get to as many questions as possible, so make your question count!
  • Examples of that type of question would be:
    • Here’s my living room – please make suggestions. (vague, general)
    • Better: Here’s my living room. I’m adding a new coffee table and I am considering this one that’s either a deep wood color, or a lighter wood but feel confused. Can you advise on how to combine wood finishes in this case?
    • How would you design this foyer? (general, asking Donna to create a design concept for you)
    • Better: I have a small foyer and want to add some pizazz. I’m considering doing X  or Y. Which one do you recommend and why?



You are being taught to design: You design, Donna guides and coaches. You’ll never build design muscle if Donna just designs for you.