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You know that room that’s still not quite right and that you’d love to facelift or transform? You’ve tried to find answers from design blogs, TV shows, or books – but they don’t deliver lasting results. Instead, you’re stuck with snippets of random information that lead to more frustration. We can help you off the blog/book/TV merry-go-round to get real and your most beautiful results on the budget YOU set… and in 30 days!

Our 3-Step Room Perfecting Formula empowers you to get results using all or most of what you already own!

Design CPR’s engaging videos and workbooks show you exactly HOW to do it, WHEN to do it, and WHY you’re doing it. You can even start your total room facelift while you watch the videos!

Design CPR will give you exclusive access to our results-driven videos PLUS bonus cheat sheets, shortcuts, and access to our private Facebook Page reserved only for Design CPR users!

Here Is What Is Inside Design CPR

The 3-Step Room Perfecting Formula

PART 1: Mastering Room Transforming Formulas Using

  • Table top accessories
  • Wall art
  • Pillows
  • How many accessories? Too many? Too few?
  • Mastering bookcases, fireplace mantels, coffee tables, night stands, sideboards – any surface that holds a table top accessory
  • Room transforming formulas professionals use in design show houses

PART 2: Mastering Color to Facelift a Room

  • The 4-Step perfect wall color selection formula
  • Conquering Open concept spaces
  • Accent walls done wisely
  • Wall paper 101
  • Adding color through accessories alone
  • Color rhythms advanced strategy

PART 3: Room Face Lifting with Furniture

  • Perfecting your furniture layout without drawing
  • Perfecting your furniture items, from $0-cost to fuller budget

PART 4: Climb into the Driver’s Seat

  • The 3-Step Room Perfecting Formula
  • Analyzing your room
  • Where to start YOUR facelift transformation project
  • Mapping out your EXACT steps
  • Scheduling your steps, from calendaring your start date, each needed action step and your target completion!
  • And finally…your beautifully transformed room in 30 days!

Design CPR FAQs

Plus These Powerful Bonus Resources:

Quick Result Cheat Sheet

  • Project Scheduler
  • Project Planner
  • Budget Calculator

The Ultimate Accessory Resource Handbook: Gold Edition

  • Contains over 100 online, in-store, and manufacturer accessory resources
  • Find the perfect lighting, rugs, or pillows
  • Variety of price points for any budget

Access to the Private Facebook Page for Design CPR Users

  • Learn from a supportive community of like-minded design lovers
  • Post questions, pictures, updates, and victories

Cheater Guide to Perfect Lamps & Lighting

  • Learn secrets for lighting facelifts
  • Pick the right size lamps and shades every time
  • Cheater tool for mixing lamp shades

Re-usable 10% Shopping Coupon

  • To Donna’s favorite boutique decor website

The Interior Design Advocate™ team is 100% confident that you will love our product. That’s why we offer a no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied. Just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a full refund using the Customer Service form.